I demand a peanut butter and chocolate toast, damn it.

as usual, our working place migrate over one cafes to another, this week we kinda settle in this one particular cafe, with nice environment, decent mushola for sholat, reasonable price for a BIG cup of hot tea but apparently, lack of service.

for snack, nuy ordered a peanut butter and chocolate toast and it was good that I ordered one for myself. Turns out, there is some mistake and what I get is strawberry jam toast, we asked for a change and didn’t bother much with the error, but what is, is when I got my toast, the guy in the kitchen apparently too lazy to toast another one, instead he remove the strawberry jam and apply layers and layers of peanut butter and chocolate jam. it was disastrous.

So , my knight in shining armor in the complaint department, nuy, step up. She told the waitress firmly that it is not acceptable, it is not right for us, and all that complaint end up we getting another new toast and apology from the manager. (but by that time I alread nauseated from the previous toast)


Now that’s the kind of thing my boyfriend wouldn’t do for me. He is too nice to complain to waitresses. As far as I remembered, it’s always moi who complained over sticky table, food came too long, chicken not fried well done, miscalculated receipt, etc, etc.


well, someone should do the dirty job.

cheers nuy!


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