working on sunday, old time crushes, jakarta, and the boyfriend issue.

well, so much to do this week, actually, these weeks..

Ramadhan month means one thing : deadline.deadline.deadline. it seems everybody want to finish their home/shops for Lebaran day. We both really thankful for these projects but kinda exhausting too, but still, grateful. πŸ™‚ a little cash for Lebaran day is really worth it, rite? ehehe..

on duty

on duty

Ramadhan means another thing : reunion. it seems everybody think the best moment to reminesence with each other is on the fasting break time. It was my junior high school reunion I attend last night, didn’t go with much anticipation. I guess it’s because I never felt really belong there. I had good friends, but hands down, the best one I had is my college mates. I met my old crushes there ( and left me thinking, what if I wasn’t the girl who had less confidence back then, just..what ifs). If people say the best moment was when we still wear uniform from school, I immediately scoffed. Tell you this : my junior high school was.. jungle. yes, the popular one will survive, and not just that, they eat the less popular too. LOL. When I told these stories to my friends, they simply didn’t believe it. But it’s true, it’s like a big wide river divading the hottie and the nottie (well, from my saying you can guess which sides I’m on).

anywaaaay, we grow mature, and that is old story, but the gap is already there and no reunions can ever fixed it.

Another things that takes my mind off from my works : Notes on a Scandal, it’s my side project, making notebooks. after the bazaar in Grand Indonesia, which is great and also exhausting, the great thing is, nuy and me get to meet our boyfriends! yay!! another great thing, my best bud, anggi, lend us a room in her house (and her driver) to take us to our project site, and coincidentally her house is not far from my bf’s office.

meeting him on weekdays! :D

meeting him on weekdays! πŸ˜€

a friend in need (is a friend indeed)

a friend in need (is a friend indeed)

nuy and fahril

nuy and fahril

but drama can left us too long apparently. hehehe, not gonna spill that here. but maybe next time under another name and places (LOL).

after the two days crazyness, me and nuy drove back to Bandung, it’s already midnight, the rain is pouring. I got my starbucks so I can keep my eyes open while she drives, and with the moon hanging and the trucks behind, front and beside us, we talk and dream about the future.

on the way back

on the way back

and praying for the best to come along.


gotta get back to my cad.


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