It was a full moon

I almost forget you,

the hours we spent talking about our dreams,

places you will visit

and a meeting point for us in another part of the world.


I almost forget the comfort,

talking to you,

the empty coffee mugs, the cookie jar, and the paper we used to sketch our dream.

we come from two different world,

yet we share an identical one.


Now, when our path crossed,

I find myself looking at you, trying to find things I miss.

Everything about you were different,

your hair, your smile, your eyes.


we come from two different world,

and now we live in different times.


what happened that day, maybe an illusion.

maybe our mind played a little trick on us.



it was full moon that night,

and we drank too much coffee,

and I just like the way your hair smell,

and maybe you like the smell of my soap,

or maybe we laugh too much,

but whatever the reason,

how different the path now we take,

how much faces we will meet,

how much heartbreaks we will get,

I’m glad we’re through that and still be a good friend


it was a moment.

and they say the memory lives.


we were there.


full moon


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