17 Again

the only reason I watch the movie is because I need a light movie, the one when you watch it you didn’t get ‘bored but forced to watch it till the end because, ladies and gentlemen, this movie was won an oscar’ kind of movie.

oh okay, because my friend told me Zac Effron looks really great wearing leather jacket and aviator sunglass.


the other reasons why I didn’t watch the movie at first it’s because, well, mainly because Zac himself. I’m way too old for another high school musical parade (yeah, Zac is dancing too in this movie), and because the plot was so typical (ehm, freaky friday, white chicks, face/off..), and because Matthew Perry, whom I adoreeee so much plays Zac’s dad (oh, come on, you could do better than that Matt..)

But, turns out, I really enjoy the movie. And I .. laughs. The story is about a high school basketball star, Mike O’Donnel (Matthew Perry) who rejected a chance to become a professional player and decided to marry his high school sweetheart, Scarlet (Leslie Mann). Years later, Mike is in the edge of divorce with Scarlett, got fired from his job and his two kids acted as if he doesn’t exist.

Meanwhile, he stayed at his highschool buddy then-geeky-now-rich, Ned (Thomas Lennon). Well, he still a geeky who happen to be a genius at inventing softwares. Mike think about his life and he feel sorry for himself, regretting his choice when he was young and wondering what would it be if he didn’t ditch college. Then, magic happened, he transform back to his 17 year old body. He thought it was a chance to be what he didn’t get to be back in highschool. So with Ned help, Mike enrolled in his kids’s high school, as Ned son (he explained later why for so long Ned didn’t tell people he had son , because his ex-wife was ashamed of him, which people take as a normal reaction)

What’s interesting is, Mike, now he is at his kids age, realised how little he knew them. Maggie (Michelle Tratchenberg) who was a smart girl and got accepted in good college is about to ditch it just to be with her bf, a jerk named Stan (Hunter Parish) and his boy Alex turns out not a popular kid and a basketball player like he assume he is, in fact he is a subject for Stan’s bully.

Now, the plot maybe seems typical, but the dialogues are hilarious, also the supporting roles is funny. I love Mike dialogues, it’s too mature for a boy his age (well of course, since old Mike was in the body), but still, hilarious like when he encourage everybody in class to support abstinence.

There is one scene when Maggie’s friends was hitting on Mike

Mike : don’t you have a self respect?

Girl : I don’t have a self respect, in fact, you don’t have to remember my name.

Mike : Okay, that’s another dad’s problem.

and when Maggie, mistaking Mike’s attention for affection, hitting on Mike *yikes,

Maggie : Oh I get it. You want to play games. Okay, I’ll be the hungry lioness and you can be the baby gazelle!

Mike : Oh Sweet baby Jesus.

Ned, who have a crush on hot Principal Jane Masterson, trying so hard to get her attention (including giving laptops for all the children in the school), when he finally get her to dinner, he accidently blurting that he is into The Lord of The Ring, turns out, so does Principal Jane. Then, they speak at each other with elfish language. LOL.

things got funnier, because Mike falling in love again with his wife Scarlet, which is weird because he still in his 17 year old body. And Scarlet found that Mike is looks like her husband, find it confusing. And it looks like every woman in the movie (except Principal Jane) is falling for young Mike. Hot right? LOL.

It maybe not a great movie, but for its class, it is on top. Perfect to put in your guilty pleasures dvd shelves along with Bring it On and A Cinderella Story.

17 Again

17 Again


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