sunshine cleaning

The premise of this movie is very interesting : two sisters open a cleaning service. not the usual that cleans your house, but the one that needs a biohazard chemical certificate. A crime scene cleaner.

Like typical drama story, the main character life is far from picture perfect. Rose Larkowski (Amy Adams) is a 30 something single mother who once was a popular girl back in highschool, she was the cheerleaders captain and dated a quarterback. Now, she work as a maid , raising his ten year old boy, Oscar (Jason Spevack) alone. After work, sometimes she asks her rebel sister Norah (Emily Blunt) to babysit Oscar while she take a real-estate class to get her certificate. But where she really went is a motel to have an affair with her ex-boyfriend, the quarterback, Mac (Steve Zahn). Mac already have a wife and kid and working as a cop.

Making more complicated as already is, Oscar got expelled from his public school. Because Oscar was more ‘imaginative’ than the other kids. To get a better education and more understanding teacher, Rose had to put Oscar in private school, while it is impossible with how much she earned at the moment. When Rose asks Mac for help, Mac suggested Rose to become a crime scene cleaner. Because the money was good, Rose took the job, along with her sister’s help.

The outer layer was good, it is promising a good drama with comedy.

The crime scene cleaner idea was good. It is the main reason people watch this flick. But somehow, it doesn’t feel as thrilling as I supposed it would. The drama was more intense, because the job was reminded them on how their mother face death. They’re still not getting over it, especially Norah, who feel the urge to ‘help’ a victim family member, which of course, leads to another trouble.

While Rose, happy with how much she earned in her new gigs, trying hard to prove to her highschool friends that she is not a failure. But when she knew that Mac’s wife (who is her hs friend too) is with his second baby, she knew she was a total loser.

Rose and Norah’s father, Joe (Alan Arkin) is a grumpy old guy, who sale everything from corn candy to fresh shrimp. We also can see from his point of view when he yelled at Rose, how hard it is to raise two children. He wants to be a good granpa, teaches Oscar a lot of things and promising him stuff while he can not afford it.

It is a good drama movie, but not my favorite one. As if all of human problem thrown into one’s life but amazingly kinda boring.

Jobless and poor, identity crisis, single mother and a son, a rebel sister to fight with, affair with a married man, her father personal crisis and a suicidal mother. No wonder she feels so sad.

But, the crime scene cleaning service was a brilliant idea. It is worth to watch, at least you get to know, that there’s still job to do beside catching the criminal like we know in police drama flick ; cleaning the mess other people made.

and maybe, at the end, we have to clean our own mess, like Rose and Norah did.

sunshine cleaning

sunshine cleaning


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