just an ordinary girl

I like saturday night,

with two movie tickets, a bucket of caramel popcorn, and you.

we’ll be seated with another hundreds couples

as the movie is rolling.

nothing special.


I like a phone call,

starting with, ‘how’s your day’, filled with small talk, ending with an ‘I love you’.

we’ll be having this conversation, thousand times, over and over.

nothing special


I like a wedding,

with a beautiful kebaya, two pretty rings, and a nice dish for our guests.

we’ll be going somewhere fun for our honeymoon.

like million of other couples do

nothing special.


I like a house,

small one, with a small backyard, and two little dogs.

we’ll be choosing white for the curtain, and cream for the wall

our house will be just like hundreds in the row

not a special one.


I’m not a deep sea diver, a lion tamer, a famous poets, a nuclear scientist, a wildlife photographer, a rich hotel heiress, and to make it worse, my cook are disaster.

So to sum it up, I’m just an ordinary girl, maybe you find another me easily.

Suffice to say, I’m replaceable.


will you take me?

interior pic

and because I don’t need to be an extraordinary girl to be with you,

you already made me.

it may be boring (what we did), but the boring one is what I remember the most

Russel, UP.


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