up, up, up and away!!

okay, just to be clear, I’m a sucker for Disney movie. As a child (okay,  and teenager) I spent hours to watch and re-watch the disney’s video. I bought all (and by all, I mean all I can find) disney soundtrack in music store. I fell in love since the cinderella era, and then come Lion King, Aladdin, Beauty and The Beast, Emperor New Groove..When Disney and Pixar made a movie together, well it was perfection. I’m not talking about the amazing graphic (though it is great), but how every movie they made, touch (sorry to be corny) our emotion. That’s the reason I still follow their movie, from Nemo to The Incredibles  to Rattatouile

Their latets hits , UP, is first doubted to be a hit. Because the main character is an old man and a boy. Not unlike other animation movie that hit the summer this year, Monster vs Alien and Ice Age 3, that full of animals and monsters and considered as an eye-candy for kids, Up is just an old man, a boy and a house with balloons. No monsters, no dinosaurs.

well, it proved wrong. Not only it was a hit, it has this perfectness every Pixar and Disney movie had. It was funny, it was full of adventure, it was touching, it was great.

The story began with two kids craving for adventure, Carl and Ellie. Carl is the quiet boy who adored Munitz, a legendary adventurer and Ellie is an active girl, who never stop talking and moving. They both dreamed to go to Paradise Fall, a mysterious place Munitz once told public. Years gone by, Carl and Ellie got married. But they never had  kids, they grew up together, saving money and dreaming someday to go to Paradise Fall in South America. But they got older, and when Carl finally got the chance and bought the ticket to Peru for their holiday, Ellie is sick and not long, dead.

since then, Carl live alone in the house and everything is changing. When some big contractor company want to buy Carl house, Carl refused but some accident made him had to go to the resting house for elder people. Carl never want to leave the house that so precious for him and Ellie, so he decided this crazy things. He made the house fly with thousand and thousand of balloons! He decided to go for Paradise Fall, to accomplish his and Ellie’s dream.

What he did not prepare is a young scout boy named Russel, who accidentaly was in the house when it went up in the sky. Carl did not have choice but to take Russel along. Russel want to tag along because he had his own reason : to complete his boy scout badges. It only need ‘helping elderly’ badge to complete.

on their journey, they met Kevin, a female giant colorfull bird and Dug, a talking dog.

I think animation that made for kids should have some moral story, I see Alien vs Monster and Ice Age try to brought that. But somehow, it just so plain and typical ( ‘you have to be loyal to your true friend and stand beside them when things got bad’ theme). Why I love Up is that they made the moral story into an interesting story, that maybe kids doesn’t even realised it.

It tells us that an old man, can also made a mistake. That a boy always idolized their father regardless how bad he treat them. That when you accomplish your dream by hurting and dissapointing other people, you don’t feel happy and proud at all. That you have to be brave and leave the past to embrace a new adventure, and yes, you will meet new friends you’ll love too eventualy, that maybe at the first time you were annoyed by their appeareance. And maybe you didn’t ask for them, but they are there for you for a good reason, you just have to be patience with them. It also teach kids about death and divorce (though not too blunt). And also a reminder for us, the grown ups, it’s not over even when you are a 78 year old and didn’t have much left. Never get bored by life.

And of course, though it don’t have monsters and dinosaurs, a floating house with crazy colors balloons beat the hell out of Ice Age and M vs A.




2 thoughts on “up, up, up and away!!

  1. Gw banjir air mata pas nonton, dan sekarang baca ulang postingan lu gw hampir menitikkan air mata lagi.. Huhuhuhu.. Filmnya kereen.. Gw terbayang2 terus sampe dua hari.. Hahaha, lebay ya gw..

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