It was a full moon

I almost forget you,

the hours we spent talking about our dreams,

places you will visit

and a meeting point for us in another part of the world.


I almost forget the comfort,

talking to you,

the empty coffee mugs, the cookie jar, and the paper we used to sketch our dream.

we come from two different world,

yet we share an identical one.


Now, when our path crossed,

I find myself looking at you, trying to find things I miss.

Everything about you were different,

your hair, your smile, your eyes.


we come from two different world,

and now we live in different times.


what happened that day, maybe an illusion.

maybe our mind played a little trick on us.



it was full moon that night,

and we drank too much coffee,

and I just like the way your hair smell,

and maybe you like the smell of my soap,

or maybe we laugh too much,

but whatever the reason,

how different the path now we take,

how much faces we will meet,

how much heartbreaks we will get,

I’m glad we’re through that and still be a good friend


it was a moment.

and they say the memory lives.


we were there.


full moon


the art of letting go (and loving still)

as hours go by, we still sit in this little booth, with chicken mayo burger and curly fries between us.

we talk so much, but what we didn’t talk about is, how each life leads to another direction. changing. evolving. different.

then stranger.

no, we didn’t talk much about it, but it lingers.

as I went home, driving alone with the radio playing another sappy song, I thought : what she did to me, was very hard to be understood.

but how come ? was the path I take is a different one with her since all along?

I did what I did not out of hatred, but out of love.

but loving someone who didn’t walking down the same road with us, was somehow a little bit hard.

not to say impossible.

day by day, I get tired to find reasons for her actions.

day by day, what I do, say or even think, is out of hatred, anger, sadness but mainly, disappointment.

and day by day, I hate myself even more.


SNAP it out.

a wise man say, just leave it as it is.

you can not control your own universe, let alone her’s

it just how things done in the big mystery of how God create and end things.

I nod my head, and exhaled a deep deep deep breath.

I know I can never reach fulfilness and happiness, if I didn’t let her go.

tomorrow, I will build my dream, in a pale violet room still have a vanilla scented from the wall  paint.

we pay the electricty by our own money,traveling with our own expenses, drawing with all our heart in it.

and one by one, the memories of her is fade away.

another year, and we will be standing in the crowd of Las Ramblas, gondola-ride in Venice, bargaining in Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, taking polaroid on double deckers, pay ten euros for a night in Groningen, saying hello to a friend in Berlin, then get pampered in Swiss.

and not a sight of her

and we love her still.

if those days come, I think we excell in learning the art of letting go,

and loving still.

17 Again

the only reason I watch the movie is because I need a light movie, the one when you watch it you didn’t get ‘bored but forced to watch it till the end because, ladies and gentlemen, this movie was won an oscar’ kind of movie.

oh okay, because my friend told me Zac Effron looks really great wearing leather jacket and aviator sunglass.


the other reasons why I didn’t watch the movie at first it’s because, well, mainly because Zac himself. I’m way too old for another high school musical parade (yeah, Zac is dancing too in this movie), and because the plot was so typical (ehm, freaky friday, white chicks, face/off..), and because Matthew Perry, whom I adoreeee so much plays Zac’s dad (oh, come on, you could do better than that Matt..)

But, turns out, I really enjoy the movie. And I .. laughs. The story is about a high school basketball star, Mike O’Donnel (Matthew Perry) who rejected a chance to become a professional player and decided to marry his high school sweetheart, Scarlet (Leslie Mann). Years later, Mike is in the edge of divorce with Scarlett, got fired from his job and his two kids acted as if he doesn’t exist.

Meanwhile, he stayed at his highschool buddy then-geeky-now-rich, Ned (Thomas Lennon). Well, he still a geeky who happen to be a genius at inventing softwares. Mike think about his life and he feel sorry for himself, regretting his choice when he was young and wondering what would it be if he didn’t ditch college. Then, magic happened, he transform back to his 17 year old body. He thought it was a chance to be what he didn’t get to be back in highschool. So with Ned help, Mike enrolled in his kids’s high school, as Ned son (he explained later why for so long Ned didn’t tell people he had son , because his ex-wife was ashamed of him, which people take as a normal reaction)

What’s interesting is, Mike, now he is at his kids age, realised how little he knew them. Maggie (Michelle Tratchenberg) who was a smart girl and got accepted in good college is about to ditch it just to be with her bf, a jerk named Stan (Hunter Parish) and his boy Alex turns out not a popular kid and a basketball player like he assume he is, in fact he is a subject for Stan’s bully.

Now, the plot maybe seems typical, but the dialogues are hilarious, also the supporting roles is funny. I love Mike dialogues, it’s too mature for a boy his age (well of course, since old Mike was in the body), but still, hilarious like when he encourage everybody in class to support abstinence.

There is one scene when Maggie’s friends was hitting on Mike

Mike : don’t you have a self respect?

Girl : I don’t have a self respect, in fact, you don’t have to remember my name.

Mike : Okay, that’s another dad’s problem.

and when Maggie, mistaking Mike’s attention for affection, hitting on Mike *yikes,

Maggie : Oh I get it. You want to play games. Okay, I’ll be the hungry lioness and you can be the baby gazelle!

Mike : Oh Sweet baby Jesus.

Ned, who have a crush on hot Principal Jane Masterson, trying so hard to get her attention (including giving laptops for all the children in the school), when he finally get her to dinner, he accidently blurting that he is into The Lord of The Ring, turns out, so does Principal Jane. Then, they speak at each other with elfish language. LOL.

things got funnier, because Mike falling in love again with his wife Scarlet, which is weird because he still in his 17 year old body. And Scarlet found that Mike is looks like her husband, find it confusing. And it looks like every woman in the movie (except Principal Jane) is falling for young Mike. Hot right? LOL.

It maybe not a great movie, but for its class, it is on top. Perfect to put in your guilty pleasures dvd shelves along with Bring it On and A Cinderella Story.

17 Again

17 Again

sunshine cleaning

The premise of this movie is very interesting : two sisters open a cleaning service. not the usual that cleans your house, but the one that needs a biohazard chemical certificate. A crime scene cleaner.

Like typical drama story, the main character life is far from picture perfect. Rose Larkowski (Amy Adams) is a 30 something single mother who once was a popular girl back in highschool, she was the cheerleaders captain and dated a quarterback. Now, she work as a maid , raising his ten year old boy, Oscar (Jason Spevack) alone. After work, sometimes she asks her rebel sister Norah (Emily Blunt) to babysit Oscar while she take a real-estate class to get her certificate. But where she really went is a motel to have an affair with her ex-boyfriend, the quarterback, Mac (Steve Zahn). Mac already have a wife and kid and working as a cop.

Making more complicated as already is, Oscar got expelled from his public school. Because Oscar was more ‘imaginative’ than the other kids. To get a better education and more understanding teacher, Rose had to put Oscar in private school, while it is impossible with how much she earned at the moment. When Rose asks Mac for help, Mac suggested Rose to become a crime scene cleaner. Because the money was good, Rose took the job, along with her sister’s help.

The outer layer was good, it is promising a good drama with comedy.

The crime scene cleaner idea was good. It is the main reason people watch this flick. But somehow, it doesn’t feel as thrilling as I supposed it would. The drama was more intense, because the job was reminded them on how their mother face death. They’re still not getting over it, especially Norah, who feel the urge to ‘help’ a victim family member, which of course, leads to another trouble.

While Rose, happy with how much she earned in her new gigs, trying hard to prove to her highschool friends that she is not a failure. But when she knew that Mac’s wife (who is her hs friend too) is with his second baby, she knew she was a total loser.

Rose and Norah’s father, Joe (Alan Arkin) is a grumpy old guy, who sale everything from corn candy to fresh shrimp. We also can see from his point of view when he yelled at Rose, how hard it is to raise two children. He wants to be a good granpa, teaches Oscar a lot of things and promising him stuff while he can not afford it.

It is a good drama movie, but not my favorite one. As if all of human problem thrown into one’s life but amazingly kinda boring.

Jobless and poor, identity crisis, single mother and a son, a rebel sister to fight with, affair with a married man, her father personal crisis and a suicidal mother. No wonder she feels so sad.

But, the crime scene cleaning service was a brilliant idea. It is worth to watch, at least you get to know, that there’s still job to do beside catching the criminal like we know in police drama flick ; cleaning the mess other people made.

and maybe, at the end, we have to clean our own mess, like Rose and Norah did.

sunshine cleaning

sunshine cleaning

just an ordinary girl

I like saturday night,

with two movie tickets, a bucket of caramel popcorn, and you.

we’ll be seated with another hundreds couples

as the movie is rolling.

nothing special.


I like a phone call,

starting with, ‘how’s your day’, filled with small talk, ending with an ‘I love you’.

we’ll be having this conversation, thousand times, over and over.

nothing special


I like a wedding,

with a beautiful kebaya, two pretty rings, and a nice dish for our guests.

we’ll be going somewhere fun for our honeymoon.

like million of other couples do

nothing special.


I like a house,

small one, with a small backyard, and two little dogs.

we’ll be choosing white for the curtain, and cream for the wall

our house will be just like hundreds in the row

not a special one.


I’m not a deep sea diver, a lion tamer, a famous poets, a nuclear scientist, a wildlife photographer, a rich hotel heiress, and to make it worse, my cook are disaster.

So to sum it up, I’m just an ordinary girl, maybe you find another me easily.

Suffice to say, I’m replaceable.


will you take me?

interior pic

and because I don’t need to be an extraordinary girl to be with you,

you already made me.

it may be boring (what we did), but the boring one is what I remember the most

Russel, UP.

up, up, up and away!!

okay, just to be clear, I’m a sucker for Disney movie. As a child (okay,  and teenager) I spent hours to watch and re-watch the disney’s video. I bought all (and by all, I mean all I can find) disney soundtrack in music store. I fell in love since the cinderella era, and then come Lion King, Aladdin, Beauty and The Beast, Emperor New Groove..When Disney and Pixar made a movie together, well it was perfection. I’m not talking about the amazing graphic (though it is great), but how every movie they made, touch (sorry to be corny) our emotion. That’s the reason I still follow their movie, from Nemo to The Incredibles  to Rattatouile

Their latets hits , UP, is first doubted to be a hit. Because the main character is an old man and a boy. Not unlike other animation movie that hit the summer this year, Monster vs Alien and Ice Age 3, that full of animals and monsters and considered as an eye-candy for kids, Up is just an old man, a boy and a house with balloons. No monsters, no dinosaurs.

well, it proved wrong. Not only it was a hit, it has this perfectness every Pixar and Disney movie had. It was funny, it was full of adventure, it was touching, it was great.

The story began with two kids craving for adventure, Carl and Ellie. Carl is the quiet boy who adored Munitz, a legendary adventurer and Ellie is an active girl, who never stop talking and moving. They both dreamed to go to Paradise Fall, a mysterious place Munitz once told public. Years gone by, Carl and Ellie got married. But they never had  kids, they grew up together, saving money and dreaming someday to go to Paradise Fall in South America. But they got older, and when Carl finally got the chance and bought the ticket to Peru for their holiday, Ellie is sick and not long, dead.

since then, Carl live alone in the house and everything is changing. When some big contractor company want to buy Carl house, Carl refused but some accident made him had to go to the resting house for elder people. Carl never want to leave the house that so precious for him and Ellie, so he decided this crazy things. He made the house fly with thousand and thousand of balloons! He decided to go for Paradise Fall, to accomplish his and Ellie’s dream.

What he did not prepare is a young scout boy named Russel, who accidentaly was in the house when it went up in the sky. Carl did not have choice but to take Russel along. Russel want to tag along because he had his own reason : to complete his boy scout badges. It only need ‘helping elderly’ badge to complete.

on their journey, they met Kevin, a female giant colorfull bird and Dug, a talking dog.

I think animation that made for kids should have some moral story, I see Alien vs Monster and Ice Age try to brought that. But somehow, it just so plain and typical ( ‘you have to be loyal to your true friend and stand beside them when things got bad’ theme). Why I love Up is that they made the moral story into an interesting story, that maybe kids doesn’t even realised it.

It tells us that an old man, can also made a mistake. That a boy always idolized their father regardless how bad he treat them. That when you accomplish your dream by hurting and dissapointing other people, you don’t feel happy and proud at all. That you have to be brave and leave the past to embrace a new adventure, and yes, you will meet new friends you’ll love too eventualy, that maybe at the first time you were annoyed by their appeareance. And maybe you didn’t ask for them, but they are there for you for a good reason, you just have to be patience with them. It also teach kids about death and divorce (though not too blunt). And also a reminder for us, the grown ups, it’s not over even when you are a 78 year old and didn’t have much left. Never get bored by life.

And of course, though it don’t have monsters and dinosaurs, a floating house with crazy colors balloons beat the hell out of Ice Age and M vs A.