The shadow of the wind

I really miss my blog!! T _T

this weeks has been crazy, I spent my entire weekend and monday in Surabaya, attending my cousin wedding, escorting my mom to her school reunion, relatives house hopping, buying gifts, visiting the cemetery, and (off course), mall to go. And if that’s not enough for a three days vacation my mom insisted to go to Suramadu (the new bridge that connected Surabaya and Madura).

But my entertainment in this week are no other than books. I bought two books at Periplus : The Shadow of The Wind (Carlos Ruiz Zafon) and Wicked (Gregory McGuire). I finished reading the first, so I thought I write some review for the books that will stay on my favourite book list.

The Shadow of The Wind begin with Daniel Sempere (the main character) narative as he told us how he remembered the first time his father brought him to The Cemetery of Unforgotten Books. He was a ten year old boy who love books and dreaming of becoming a writer. His father own a bookshop and Daniel mother is already passed. The Cemetery of Unforgotten Books are a secret place, where books are kept, rare books, first edition, books that no longer printed. The rule is, if you brought a new person to the Cemetery, those person must chose one from thousand and thousand of books in that labyrinth of bookshelfes and be the guardian of that one book.

Little Daniel, filled with enthusiasm, pick a book, a fiction novel by a writer named Julian Carax, those book is The Shadow of The Wind. Daniel said to his father, that this book is waiting for him to be found. His father doesn’t know who Carax is, or ever read his other books. Filled with curiosity, his father brought Daniel to Don Gustavo, a rich book collector with a beautiful blind niece. Gustavo told Daniel that the book is rare, and many collectors are dying to buy the last copy, which Daniel had with him, and offer Daniel a lot of money for the book.

Daniel refused, but his curiousty increased when he acknowledge the mystery behind the book and the author, Julian Carax. Don Gustavo told Daniel that for the past few years, someone mysterious called Lain Coubert (which is a character in The Shadow of The Wind, the devil) looking for every books Julian Carax ever wrote, and when he possesed it, he burned it.

One occasion, this misterious Lain Coubert encountered Daniel, and he is so much like the devil indeed. He asks with threat for the book, and because Daniel afraid Lain Coubert will get his hand on the last copy, Daniel kept the book again in the cemetery. And with curiosity grew bigger to find what really happened with Julian Carax, the writer.

His investigation begin, and as years go by, like an onion that peels, the story unfold into more drama, mystery, and tragic love stories. If I write all about it, or even a little more about it, I’m afraid it will lessen the joyfulness that the book brought. You can only burried in some stories you never heard of, enjoy the curiousity and the mystery.

This story contains so much characters, but amazingly didn’t made the reader confused. It told lightly in some kind of beautiful way. The setting took place in Barcelona circa 1930-1955. The dialogues are funny and witty. I love it so much, especially there are some sentences or paragraphs that are so beautiful it will be a good quote.

These are some of it :

Those who really love, love in silence. With deeds and not with words.

Books are mirror : you only see in them what you already have inside you.

To put it together, this book by Carlos Ruiz Zafon is a must read and a must have (yes, like a good story book, reading it over and over just made it more better). It will take you to the beauty and danger in Barcelona and I just love how the author wrote. It is so full and you will never get bored. Somehow it reminds me of how JK.Rowling wrote Harry Potter.

I hope my review will encourage you buy the book. 😉

The Shadow of The Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

The Shadow of The Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon


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