a wish for you

We spend 5 years, 10 months and 4 days,

trying to get along with each other,

hoping to walk in the same direction forever and ever

yet knowing the rope that bind us, is such a fragile one.

We holding hand, knowing this might last a lifetime,

or end in a heartbeat.


God, we really had a good laugh don’t we?

Oh sure, we fight.

But I love it, that you just kept your mouth shut while I’m blabbing

I love it, how you never shout or scream at me, regardless how bitchy I can be,

I love it, how you assure me, when I’m in doubt,

that God always had ways for us.

I love it, that you don’t need to talk much, or write poems, or even songs (though I know you’re good at it),

to say how much you want to spend the rest of your life with me.

I love the fact, that though I had so much friends I love, you’re stand out, I don’t need to pretend when I’m with you.

I love your patience (did I already mention it?), I see you calmly holding my hand in my turbulence.

I love how you get along with my mom, my dad, my sisters, my maid. *they all love you too, btw.

I love how you love love love my dogs, and jokingly said, ‘this is why I came all the way from Jakarta, not you.’ *err, you joking right?

I love how we works through problem, and with you I learned not to be selfish, to draw a deep breath and try not to say things I’ll regret later.

At the end, I know we will work every problems together, without being mad at each other.

But what I love most, is your abbility to make me laugh real hard, even when I’m in my lowest.

It made me realised,

I found my home, my sanctuary.

And I prayed to The Almighty,

that there’ll be more anniversary, more birthdays, more fights, more make-ups, more laugh, more dreams, more movies to watch, more weekends and more and more and more love to share.


pic 1

I wish nothing, nothing but your happiness.

but in your sorrow,

today and tomorrow,

I will be here.

24 / 7


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