Half Blood Prince, Full Time Awesome.

Till the first until the fifth, I always thought the best Harry movie is the third one.

Until now.

Half Blood Prince now hold the throne. The movies opened with the three Death Eaters fly accross the muggle world, making accident and chaos. The next scene showing Harry on the subway restaurant downtown, flirting with a teenage waitress (and didn’t make it into date because Dumbledore interupted). I love this dark opening, the darkness, depressing situation that hang in the air.

Death Eaters are emerging and to make it worse, The Dark Lord summoned Draco Malfoy to be one. This made Draco’s mother, Narcissa very worried. So worried that he made Snape do The Unbreakable Vow, to protect Draco from anything bad. The school begin with this dark-depressing air hanging in everybody head. As Dumbledore begin his welcoming speech with a warning, that once Tom Riddle was also a student here at Hogwarts, there is no festiveness in the welcoming dinner as usual.

Dumbledore made Horrace Slughorn, a professor that once taught Tom Riddle, to back teaching Potion at Hogwarts. Dumbledore hopes Slughorn can reveal some secret to Harry (who fast become his favourite student, thanks to Half Blood Prince’s potion book Harry found, he axes at everything in Potion), secret he’s not telling anyone about young Tom Riddle once he also become his favorite student.

The only thing that made us smile and amuse us is the puppy-love between the cast. And to my surprise, I get it how important this first love things to them, the scene where Hermione was so heartbroken when she saw Ron kissing Lavender Brown, she sat down in some empty tower crying in Harry shoulder, she asks, ‘is this hurts too for you Harry? When you saw Ginny kissing Dean?’. They are growing up and scenes after scenes showed it nicely.

This is the beginning of the big adventure in the last book. So many dark things happened, so many doubtness and anger. As Lupin says it to Harry when Harry doubting Snape, ‘ you’re blinded by hatred’. Harry said back, ‘no, I’m not!”, and Lupin said, ‘yes, you are!’. And we know Lupin is right.

One scene that really caught my breath, really scary that it reminds me of some exorcist-kind of movie, is where Katie Bell, accidently cursed by Malfoy, hanging up above in the air, screaming and really, it looks like she is possesed by some evil spirit. Another scene, where Harry fought with Malfoy, he released a Sectum Sempra, cursed he learned in Potion book that belong to The Half Blood Prince, and the curse caused Malfoy bleed, blood are coming out  everywhere from his body. And tell you, this is not a scene you’d like to see with an 8 years old. The Death Eaters also look really devilish, wicked and evil. Helena Bonham Carter really good playing Belatrix Lestrange. And you know it, if Harry get in a duel with only one of them, he sure be dead.

Other scene that was ‘disturbing’, is when Draco point his wand at Dumbledore (okay, it is a spoiler, but as the loyal readers already know, the task which Voldemort summoned Draco to accomplish is to kill Dumbledore), he said with so much sadness and desperation in his face, ‘I have to kill you, otherwise… he kill me.’

As the plot thicken, we confused (like Harry did), who is to trust? Is it true that Dumbledore are getting old and his decision are questionable?

At the end of the movie, we are not getting the answer, but more questions.But of course, unlike the unworthy-unless-you-only-buy-the-ticket-for-watching-3d robot-movie, this one are left us with a satisfied feeling and impatience for the trio next adventure. I also love it that this movie made it to the top without using the young actor-attractiveness, as you may know what movies does that. (ehem,megan?rob?)

And please take notes, many clues are in this sixth movie, maybe you better watch it again before  the seventh coming next year.

Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince

Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince

It was splendid! No, it’s not a larky kid-pic. We’re firmly in the realm of English horror.

-New York Magazine

This film is the sharpest since “The Prisoner of Azkaban.” It is the most emotionally satisfying, blending spot-on comedy and adenoidal sexual tension, with scenes of gutsy vulnerability.

-San Fransisco Chronicle

One of the series’s best, with spectacular effects, nuanced performances and witty dialogue.

-USA Today

Dazzlingly well made and perhaps deliberately less fanciful than the previous entries, this one is played in a mode closer to palpable life-or-death drama than any of the others and is quite effective as such.



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