Sad and terrible thing happened this morning, at 7.55 a bomb exploded at JW. Marriot, 5 stars American hotel located in Mega Kuningan, Jakarta and two minutes later, another bomb exploded at Ritz Carlton hotel, only 50 meters from Marriot. The cruel terrorist act killed 6 people on the spot and one victim died on the hospital (there will be more, but police still trying to locate all victims in the ruins).

It was suspected a suicide bomb, because at each hotels (the two explosion happened at the restaurants, where people getting their breakfast) there was found a body, headless and the legs was served from their body, which is  the same condition happened to a suicide bomber, CNN said.

The explosion was considered a minor (comparing to the one happened also in Marriot in 2003) but the incident took place in the restaurant where the interior consist a lot of glass. Eyewitness said, the explotion in Ritz Carlton are much bigger than in Marriot. When the accident happened, one eyewitness also said, all of sudden everything was become silent for a couple of second. Nobody speaks and moves, just until a seconds later they realised that it was a bomb that went off.

The victim from both hotels are 7 injured, the hospitals received 12 body bag, which consist 7 whole body and the other bags only some parts. One dead victim, identificate as Mr.Timothy McKay, Holcim Cement Head of Director, an Australian citizens. There are no reports yet how many exactly the victim are.

Clearly, this terrorist act was an American/foreign citizens hate act. This is put Indonesia President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono at rage. He swore he will do everything to put this terrorist act to an end.

This tragedy happened only a day before The Manchester United teams arrived (they were planned to stay in Ritz) for a friendly match with Indonesia National Team (Indonesia Allstar) which will be held on Monday, 20th of July at Gelora Bung Karno Stadium. The tickets were already sold out weeks before the event and all Indonesian were eagerly to meet and see their soccer idols. Sadly for MU fans, the match they’ve been waiting for so long, will be cancelled. It said the loss because of the cancelation are about 30-50 billion rupiahs for the promotor.

But the real losses here are, for nobody else, but Indonesia people and economy. These past few years, after the bombing in Bali and Marriot (2003), the traffic in Indonesia travel are increasing because the goverment work hard on their campaign on promoting Indonesia on Visit Indonesia Campaign. But now with the travel warning, the fear, the terror, we stepped back near to where we start years before.

When the news broke this morning, many of my friends in Facebook are cursing the terrorist, distressed by this tragic events. It will make us look bad, a dangerous, full of terrorist country.

As I write this story, my blackberry blinking with many tweets from my friends, all saying one message :


if there is one thing positive we can take from this tragic event, is that we must remember, we are one.

The terrorist are not us, and never will be one of us.

Indonesian people are consists of thousands of islands, many races, languages and religions. For hundred of years, we still stand together.

And to the terrorist, we said it aloud : we are not afraid, because we are one and we are big.

To the world, we hope you see the real us. We are not a haters, nor a fanatics. I really hope this tragedy will not made you thought less of us, because inside we’re fighting for a better Indonesia, a better home for us and for our guests.

And to my friends, Indonesian people, we are united. No matter what color our skin is, our religion is, our politic side is, our language is, we are one.

were, still, and forever will be.

JW Marriott after the bombing. Image courtesy of Kompas
JW Marriott after the bombing. Image courtesy of http://www.kompas.com


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