for their husbands,

who hold their hands, their hearts, their futures.

I knew them, back when we’re giggling over a boy, still in our junior high school uniform,

I knew them, when they got so anxious why some boys didn’t call back, when they promised they will

and I knew them, long before their first kisses and their heartbreaks.

pic 1


for their daughters and sons,

who own their heartbeats, their smiles and their tears

I knew your mother, when they kept secret from their parents,

said one and two lies to have a little fun,

and still dyed their hair regardless what their parents said

pic 2


for friendship, that we build

brick by brick,

There is time when I felt our distance,

There is also time when they become a stranger to me,

And there is also time when their decisions are my rejection

pic 3


but only true friends,

stand for each other,

even when they are mad at each other.

pic 5


and only true friends,

feels like home

no matter how much the distance between them

pic 4

for my girls,

thank you.

all photos taken

months before this post

and none of them married or have kids (yet).


One thought on “sisterhood

  1. .


    ” You and Me Together will be
    We’ll always be good company .. ”

    i wont forget this song and all ‘hilarious’ times we’ve had
    until i pee in my own bed later

    T.T >hughughug<

    Be good Darling!
    See you soon [very soon]

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