be healthy (body and soul)

I’m not obsessed with my body, I know I will never ever be in size 2. I accept that and trying to live my life knowing that a beautiful girl in size 0, super soft skin, gorgeus hair and great fashion sense who happen to be smart is do exist and no, they are not an android.

But I do love exercise. I’m easily to get fat (lucky me I got small hand wrist -haha-), and as you know if you read my blog, I love food. The last two month, due to the neverending thesis, I left exercise. And again, due to the neverending – nervewracking thesis, I eat more and more.

Not only I gained weight horribly, I don’t feel healthy too. I get lazy, and so hard to focus on things.

but this July, it will change!!

Today, I started my first exercise in the last two (or is three?) month. Body Language.

And I feel fresh! and happy (because I could get my butt off the bed in the morning to go to the gym). I’m doing routine, so I will keep track on my weight (no, I’m not gonna say how much it is), and see if it change. I watched my diet too (okay, this is the hardest part), but more yoghurt less carb!

happy exercise!


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