megan fox and the fall of transformer 2

I was dissapointed. HUGE.

why I think  transformer 2 was suck :

1. megan fox. it’s clear that the movie are selling the foxy miss fox. It’s really okay in the first one, but here, it totally unnecessary. I think she’s trying too hard to be sexy (on and off screens). and all that close up showing her half opened mouth? diss it.Michael Phillips from Chicago Tribune says it better : Fox’s cleavage is the only camera object that catches Bay’s attention for more than a millisecond.

2. shia lebouf. he’s great in the first one, but his character kinda boring in here. it’s the same old, same old. The couple are not funny let alone romantic (kissing at the finale over the sunset? get out of here). I think the duo, shia’s college buddy, Leo (played by Ramon Rodriguez) and Agent Simmons (John Torturo) are the scene stealer for ‘funny’ if that’s what you’re looking for.

3.the robot. there’s so much robots in here, not that it’s bad, it’s just too much decepticon. I ‘wow’ everytime I see the decepticons, but not when I see autobots, somehow they lost their ‘coolness’ in this movie. I kinda disapointed, I know this sequel is about the Fallen, but still, we need a ‘wow, they are soooo coool’ for the autobots.

4. the ending. David Denby from The New Yorker said, The movie rages on for a hundred and fifty minutes and then just stops, pausing for the next sequel. Couldn’t agree more, really, really, really a waste of time.

5. the director, I personally loathe him cause he messed up with such a great story. (you see, the original Transformer, Optimus Prime is really dead, then he was placed by Ultra Magnus. Why you have to had a Hollywood ending for all things? damn it).

6. because I expect more. I really did expect this was gonna be huge like the first one in 2007. ( I even bought the tickets one day before the shows to avoid sold out). I guess when our expectation was high and it didn’t accomplished, it’s just make us more and more dissapointed. same things happen to me with James Bond : Quantum of Solace.

Transformer 2 : Revenge of The Fallen

Transformer 2 : Revenge of The Fallen

oh please public enemies, be a great movie.


3 thoughts on “megan fox and the fall of transformer 2

  1. I can’t agree more!
    Adegan megan fox mangap2 dengan bibir berminyaknya is a major turn-off. Ew..
    And shia isn’t as bright as the first one.
    Mungkin karena kita udah pernah liat autobots jadi ga keren lagi ya.. Gw malah wow-ing sama adegan decepticon macan nyuri pecahan apa-itu-namanya-gw-lupa, yang muntahin si bulet2 dari mulutnya trus berubah jadi semacam lalat2 robot. Hohoho. Wow!
    Oh, somehow adegan2 kampusnya mengingatkan gw pada american pie. And that’s not good. Terlalu banyak gadis seksi di kampus seems unreal (so is alien-robot thing. hm, okay). 😀

  2. lokasi syutingnya kan salah satunya princeton, tapi mereka menolak disebutkan dalam film karena gak mau diasosiakan sama scene Judy Witwicky yang giting itu. hahaha. dasar konyol banget tuh film.

  3. Nuy from chita’s bb :
    I suppose we can always expect that kind of movie from michael bay..
    everyrthing in transformer was simply overdone.
    but we can expect better from michael mann..
    i think at least public enemies would be cool if not great.

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