The shadow of the wind

I really miss my blog!! T _T

this weeks has been crazy, I spent my entire weekend and monday in Surabaya, attending my cousin wedding, escorting my mom to her school reunion, relatives house hopping, buying gifts, visiting the cemetery, and (off course), mall to go. And if that’s not enough for a three days vacation my mom insisted to go to Suramadu (the new bridge that connected Surabaya and Madura).

But my entertainment in this week are no other than books. I bought two books at Periplus : The Shadow of The Wind (Carlos Ruiz Zafon) and Wicked (Gregory McGuire). I finished reading the first, so I thought I write some review for the books that will stay on my favourite book list.

The Shadow of The Wind begin with Daniel Sempere (the main character) narative as he told us how he remembered the first time his father brought him to The Cemetery of Unforgotten Books. He was a ten year old boy who love books and dreaming of becoming a writer. His father own a bookshop and Daniel mother is already passed. The Cemetery of Unforgotten Books are a secret place, where books are kept, rare books, first edition, books that no longer printed. The rule is, if you brought a new person to the Cemetery, those person must chose one from thousand and thousand of books in that labyrinth of bookshelfes and be the guardian of that one book.

Little Daniel, filled with enthusiasm, pick a book, a fiction novel by a writer named Julian Carax, those book is The Shadow of The Wind. Daniel said to his father, that this book is waiting for him to be found. His father doesn’t know who Carax is, or ever read his other books. Filled with curiosity, his father brought Daniel to Don Gustavo, a rich book collector with a beautiful blind niece. Gustavo told Daniel that the book is rare, and many collectors are dying to buy the last copy, which Daniel had with him, and offer Daniel a lot of money for the book.

Daniel refused, but his curiousty increased when he acknowledge the mystery behind the book and the author, Julian Carax. Don Gustavo told Daniel that for the past few years, someone mysterious called Lain Coubert (which is a character in The Shadow of The Wind, the devil) looking for every books Julian Carax ever wrote, and when he possesed it, he burned it.

One occasion, this misterious Lain Coubert encountered Daniel, and he is so much like the devil indeed. He asks with threat for the book, and because Daniel afraid Lain Coubert will get his hand on the last copy, Daniel kept the book again in the cemetery. And with curiosity grew bigger to find what really happened with Julian Carax, the writer.

His investigation begin, and as years go by, like an onion that peels, the story unfold into more drama, mystery, and tragic love stories. If I write all about it, or even a little more about it, I’m afraid it will lessen the joyfulness that the book brought. You can only burried in some stories you never heard of, enjoy the curiousity and the mystery.

This story contains so much characters, but amazingly didn’t made the reader confused. It told lightly in some kind of beautiful way. The setting took place in Barcelona circa 1930-1955. The dialogues are funny and witty. I love it so much, especially there are some sentences or paragraphs that are so beautiful it will be a good quote.

These are some of it :

Those who really love, love in silence. With deeds and not with words.

Books are mirror : you only see in them what you already have inside you.

To put it together, this book by Carlos Ruiz Zafon is a must read and a must have (yes, like a good story book, reading it over and over just made it more better). It will take you to the beauty and danger in Barcelona and I just love how the author wrote. It is so full and you will never get bored. Somehow it reminds me of how JK.Rowling wrote Harry Potter.

I hope my review will encourage you buy the book. 😉

The Shadow of The Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

The Shadow of The Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon


hey crazy boy

you know what sincere mean?

it means you don’t expect a reward when you gave someone something.

and if you still expect a favor in return,

it’s not sincerity, it’s a selfish act.

and don’t you dare call it love.


get off her life, you dumb-ass.

a wish for you

We spend 5 years, 10 months and 4 days,

trying to get along with each other,

hoping to walk in the same direction forever and ever

yet knowing the rope that bind us, is such a fragile one.

We holding hand, knowing this might last a lifetime,

or end in a heartbeat.


God, we really had a good laugh don’t we?

Oh sure, we fight.

But I love it, that you just kept your mouth shut while I’m blabbing

I love it, how you never shout or scream at me, regardless how bitchy I can be,

I love it, how you assure me, when I’m in doubt,

that God always had ways for us.

I love it, that you don’t need to talk much, or write poems, or even songs (though I know you’re good at it),

to say how much you want to spend the rest of your life with me.

I love the fact, that though I had so much friends I love, you’re stand out, I don’t need to pretend when I’m with you.

I love your patience (did I already mention it?), I see you calmly holding my hand in my turbulence.

I love how you get along with my mom, my dad, my sisters, my maid. *they all love you too, btw.

I love how you love love love my dogs, and jokingly said, ‘this is why I came all the way from Jakarta, not you.’ *err, you joking right?

I love how we works through problem, and with you I learned not to be selfish, to draw a deep breath and try not to say things I’ll regret later.

At the end, I know we will work every problems together, without being mad at each other.

But what I love most, is your abbility to make me laugh real hard, even when I’m in my lowest.

It made me realised,

I found my home, my sanctuary.

And I prayed to The Almighty,

that there’ll be more anniversary, more birthdays, more fights, more make-ups, more laugh, more dreams, more movies to watch, more weekends and more and more and more love to share.


pic 1

I wish nothing, nothing but your happiness.

but in your sorrow,

today and tomorrow,

I will be here.

24 / 7

Half Blood Prince, Full Time Awesome.

Till the first until the fifth, I always thought the best Harry movie is the third one.

Until now.

Half Blood Prince now hold the throne. The movies opened with the three Death Eaters fly accross the muggle world, making accident and chaos. The next scene showing Harry on the subway restaurant downtown, flirting with a teenage waitress (and didn’t make it into date because Dumbledore interupted). I love this dark opening, the darkness, depressing situation that hang in the air.

Death Eaters are emerging and to make it worse, The Dark Lord summoned Draco Malfoy to be one. This made Draco’s mother, Narcissa very worried. So worried that he made Snape do The Unbreakable Vow, to protect Draco from anything bad. The school begin with this dark-depressing air hanging in everybody head. As Dumbledore begin his welcoming speech with a warning, that once Tom Riddle was also a student here at Hogwarts, there is no festiveness in the welcoming dinner as usual.

Dumbledore made Horrace Slughorn, a professor that once taught Tom Riddle, to back teaching Potion at Hogwarts. Dumbledore hopes Slughorn can reveal some secret to Harry (who fast become his favourite student, thanks to Half Blood Prince’s potion book Harry found, he axes at everything in Potion), secret he’s not telling anyone about young Tom Riddle once he also become his favorite student.

The only thing that made us smile and amuse us is the puppy-love between the cast. And to my surprise, I get it how important this first love things to them, the scene where Hermione was so heartbroken when she saw Ron kissing Lavender Brown, she sat down in some empty tower crying in Harry shoulder, she asks, ‘is this hurts too for you Harry? When you saw Ginny kissing Dean?’. They are growing up and scenes after scenes showed it nicely.

This is the beginning of the big adventure in the last book. So many dark things happened, so many doubtness and anger. As Lupin says it to Harry when Harry doubting Snape, ‘ you’re blinded by hatred’. Harry said back, ‘no, I’m not!”, and Lupin said, ‘yes, you are!’. And we know Lupin is right.

One scene that really caught my breath, really scary that it reminds me of some exorcist-kind of movie, is where Katie Bell, accidently cursed by Malfoy, hanging up above in the air, screaming and really, it looks like she is possesed by some evil spirit. Another scene, where Harry fought with Malfoy, he released a Sectum Sempra, cursed he learned in Potion book that belong to The Half Blood Prince, and the curse caused Malfoy bleed, blood are coming out  everywhere from his body. And tell you, this is not a scene you’d like to see with an 8 years old. The Death Eaters also look really devilish, wicked and evil. Helena Bonham Carter really good playing Belatrix Lestrange. And you know it, if Harry get in a duel with only one of them, he sure be dead.

Other scene that was ‘disturbing’, is when Draco point his wand at Dumbledore (okay, it is a spoiler, but as the loyal readers already know, the task which Voldemort summoned Draco to accomplish is to kill Dumbledore), he said with so much sadness and desperation in his face, ‘I have to kill you, otherwise… he kill me.’

As the plot thicken, we confused (like Harry did), who is to trust? Is it true that Dumbledore are getting old and his decision are questionable?

At the end of the movie, we are not getting the answer, but more questions.But of course, unlike the unworthy-unless-you-only-buy-the-ticket-for-watching-3d robot-movie, this one are left us with a satisfied feeling and impatience for the trio next adventure. I also love it that this movie made it to the top without using the young actor-attractiveness, as you may know what movies does that. (ehem,megan?rob?)

And please take notes, many clues are in this sixth movie, maybe you better watch it again before  the seventh coming next year.

Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince

Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince

It was splendid! No, it’s not a larky kid-pic. We’re firmly in the realm of English horror.

-New York Magazine

This film is the sharpest since “The Prisoner of Azkaban.” It is the most emotionally satisfying, blending spot-on comedy and adenoidal sexual tension, with scenes of gutsy vulnerability.

-San Fransisco Chronicle

One of the series’s best, with spectacular effects, nuanced performances and witty dialogue.

-USA Today

Dazzlingly well made and perhaps deliberately less fanciful than the previous entries, this one is played in a mode closer to palpable life-or-death drama than any of the others and is quite effective as such.


hey you,

you know every one entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the previlege.

hm, guess fools rush in where fools have been before.




and hey,

shakespeare hates your emo poems.

all these words are quotations I gather in the net

when you don’t know what to say,

say it with quotes.

ah, words.


Sad and terrible thing happened this morning, at 7.55 a bomb exploded at JW. Marriot, 5 stars American hotel located in Mega Kuningan, Jakarta and two minutes later, another bomb exploded at Ritz Carlton hotel, only 50 meters from Marriot. The cruel terrorist act killed 6 people on the spot and one victim died on the hospital (there will be more, but police still trying to locate all victims in the ruins).

It was suspected a suicide bomb, because at each hotels (the two explosion happened at the restaurants, where people getting their breakfast) there was found a body, headless and the legs was served from their body, which is  the same condition happened to a suicide bomber, CNN said.

The explosion was considered a minor (comparing to the one happened also in Marriot in 2003) but the incident took place in the restaurant where the interior consist a lot of glass. Eyewitness said, the explotion in Ritz Carlton are much bigger than in Marriot. When the accident happened, one eyewitness also said, all of sudden everything was become silent for a couple of second. Nobody speaks and moves, just until a seconds later they realised that it was a bomb that went off.

The victim from both hotels are 7 injured, the hospitals received 12 body bag, which consist 7 whole body and the other bags only some parts. One dead victim, identificate as Mr.Timothy McKay, Holcim Cement Head of Director, an Australian citizens. There are no reports yet how many exactly the victim are.

Clearly, this terrorist act was an American/foreign citizens hate act. This is put Indonesia President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono at rage. He swore he will do everything to put this terrorist act to an end.

This tragedy happened only a day before The Manchester United teams arrived (they were planned to stay in Ritz) for a friendly match with Indonesia National Team (Indonesia Allstar) which will be held on Monday, 20th of July at Gelora Bung Karno Stadium. The tickets were already sold out weeks before the event and all Indonesian were eagerly to meet and see their soccer idols. Sadly for MU fans, the match they’ve been waiting for so long, will be cancelled. It said the loss because of the cancelation are about 30-50 billion rupiahs for the promotor.

But the real losses here are, for nobody else, but Indonesia people and economy. These past few years, after the bombing in Bali and Marriot (2003), the traffic in Indonesia travel are increasing because the goverment work hard on their campaign on promoting Indonesia on Visit Indonesia Campaign. But now with the travel warning, the fear, the terror, we stepped back near to where we start years before.

When the news broke this morning, many of my friends in Facebook are cursing the terrorist, distressed by this tragic events. It will make us look bad, a dangerous, full of terrorist country.

As I write this story, my blackberry blinking with many tweets from my friends, all saying one message :


if there is one thing positive we can take from this tragic event, is that we must remember, we are one.

The terrorist are not us, and never will be one of us.

Indonesian people are consists of thousands of islands, many races, languages and religions. For hundred of years, we still stand together.

And to the terrorist, we said it aloud : we are not afraid, because we are one and we are big.

To the world, we hope you see the real us. We are not a haters, nor a fanatics. I really hope this tragedy will not made you thought less of us, because inside we’re fighting for a better Indonesia, a better home for us and for our guests.

And to my friends, Indonesian people, we are united. No matter what color our skin is, our religion is, our politic side is, our language is, we are one.

were, still, and forever will be.

JW Marriott after the bombing. Image courtesy of Kompas
JW Marriott after the bombing. Image courtesy of


for their husbands,

who hold their hands, their hearts, their futures.

I knew them, back when we’re giggling over a boy, still in our junior high school uniform,

I knew them, when they got so anxious why some boys didn’t call back, when they promised they will

and I knew them, long before their first kisses and their heartbreaks.

pic 1


for their daughters and sons,

who own their heartbeats, their smiles and their tears

I knew your mother, when they kept secret from their parents,

said one and two lies to have a little fun,

and still dyed their hair regardless what their parents said

pic 2


for friendship, that we build

brick by brick,

There is time when I felt our distance,

There is also time when they become a stranger to me,

And there is also time when their decisions are my rejection

pic 3


but only true friends,

stand for each other,

even when they are mad at each other.

pic 5


and only true friends,

feels like home

no matter how much the distance between them

pic 4

for my girls,

thank you.

all photos taken

months before this post

and none of them married or have kids (yet).