a little help from my friends

four years ago, my sister began teaching these kids, they are orphans/fatherless child from a poor family near my neighborhood.  Two years ago I filled in cause she had a job in another city (now she’s back though), and I can not say that teaching kids was my longlife dream, or even said that I like it. But they are not children that can afford education, let alone an english course. I was soooo nervous the first time I teach them, because I can not handle children, I’m not good with them.

But the first time I met them, I instantly know that I’m going to love this job. I know that without proper education they are going to be left out in the competition, what make me concern, their school doesn’t help much with it. 6th grade student cannot pronounce english words correctly, that is bad.

So I decided to help more than just teach every sunday morning, I’m raising money for them, so I can buy a textbook, pay for their school fees, their uniform and their shoes, their stationary and school bags, last week I bought them lots of bilingual story books to help them with their vocab and pronounciation.

all of this can not be happening without help from my friends, who kind enough to donate their money to help them. Me and my sister are proud to say that they show progress in english.

My mom (who concerned with their nutrients, because they seldom eat breakfast) made a breakfast for them everytime we teach. They love it, and this food attract more and more kids to come. (yay, mom!).

But, still, we NEED your help more and more and more.

These kids maybe don’t have much options for their future, but by helping them, their option is getting wider and wider. I always encourage them to have dreams, shoot for the stars, don’t say ‘impossible’. They’re bright and smart and nice kids, my family and friends are doing everything possible so that money won’t be in their way.

I really hope you will join us. 🙂

their new story books

their new story books

smiley shark, the very lazy ladybird, ben is sick, the princess secrets,

and maybe, a library full of books for you to read. (someday, I promise)

with kids from my neighborhood

with kid from my neighborhood

be nice, be smart.

and dream BIG.

the colorful story book

the colorful story book

dear friends, I hope you know

you brought these colorful windows to their world.

noodles and meatballs

noodles and meatballs

after the exhausting reading time (I know you guys work hard to say ‘ben is sick and her mother is calling doctor stephen’),

enjoy your noodles and meatballs, add some spicy sauce if you guys feels like it.

and come next sunday morning.

photos taken on a warm sunday morning

from our garage that filled with children laughter, screams, shouts and more and more laughs.


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