little mouse called ben

“listen to this song, a little kid, just at your age sang this song. And it’s about a mouse.”

that was the first time I heard michael jackson singing. and my little mind is fascinated, thinking, why would someone sing a song about an animal, as my dad explains more, he told me that the boy who was singing concerned because nobody was being friendly to his little friend, ben the mouse.

I remember exactly that day, I was sitting in my dad old green mercedes car, the day is noon and we just passing pajajaran street. And maybe, that is the day I was falling in love with Michael and Ben.

Then, my Dad show me Michaels other hits, I still have the black and white cassette. I remember my Dad and me looked at him dancing on the telly. That was the time when there’s no DVD and we only depend on local network to put the videoclip or his tours shows. “look the way he’s dancing, it’s really amazing.” and it was moonwalk.

at other time, when I was in elementary school, my family took a trip to visit my grandpa, on the way we stop at puncak, having lunch at an old restaurant called Soto Kudus, the radio was playing a song, “this is a good song, it was a duet of two icon in music industry.” my dad recalled. it was Michael and Paul McCartney singing The Girl is Mine.

when I meet my bf, we shared the same passion, michael’s song. Actually he is way more expert than me, michael jackson is his idol since childhood and he can do the moonwalk dance too. LOL.

yesterday he passed away, though he’s  gone forever, a history is already written way back before.


2 thoughts on “little mouse called ben

  1. i’m literally crying…. padahal gw di warnet. duh.
    sedih banget gw chittt, MJ tuh menemani gw main kuda2an waktu gw kecil dulu (lagunya doang sih ya, bukan dianya). gw inget gw suka dengerin kasetnya yg Dangerous sambil merhatiin lirik lagu yang ada di bungkus kasetnya. mulai dari Jam sampe Dangerous, i sang along.
    why oh why kasetnya gw timpa dengan rekaman suara gw yang sumpah-ga-penting. huhuhuhuhu nyesel….
    akhirnya gw donlod lagi video2nya, bikin gw ketawa2 sambil nangis. huhuhuhuhuuu…

  2. duh iya nggi, gua juga bete dan gak percaya. Bukannya dia MJ? kalo dia bisa bikin Neverland dan punya best seller album sepanjang sejarah, kok bisa siiiiiiihhhh dia sakit jantung (well in fact, dia bisa bikin rumah sakit sendiri!)
    huhuhu, ternyata superstar juga manusiaaa…
    padahal gua udah nunggu video dia manggung di London (secara ga mampu bo beli tiketnya).

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