let there be light



the thing is,

I can’t always be there for you.

the fact is,

we parted hours

the truth is,

sometimes I enjoy myself without you

the beauty of it is,

I am sucker for the longiness

the shame of it is,

I kinda proud of us

the victory is,

your hand holding my hand.

maybe we don’t have the world

and maybe we will live in a cage called marriage (you heard the horrid story of it, yes?)

we will (and already) have our darkest hour

forgetting anniversary

irritated by each other

yelling and cursing because you (or me)  forget to turn off the light before leaving the house

bored by dinner menu and the color of our wallpaper

okay, now you’re smiling

baby, we will be a cliché, that’s for sure

but  listen to me,

my mind may be wander, but the compass point straight at you

my words may be implicit, but your name is written in bold, capital letter

you, and you alone.

the bird cage looks like an ordinary wooden cage at daytime

but at night, it illuminate.

unpretencious beauty.

photo taken at Arisan Restaurant.

on a cool night after eating green tea ice cream. 🙂


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