Tonight we talked for hours,

over meat and cheese sandwich, mayo chicken salad and two plastic cup of iced tea.

I eat some of your salad, and you some of my sandwich.

We switch our drinks.

I really forget what it feels like to fall in love.

Then our conversation turn from your work to the latest movie we’ve been dying to see

The stereo in this little cowboy theme restaurant played a song you recognize from the junior high school

We guessed the age of kids sitting next to us. High school kids or freshman?

You said, we sure doesn’t look like those anymore.

No we don’t, and really do we lost all the fun?

Hot cappucino is served and we talked even more

About our friends, the blog I’ve been reading, the magazines you just bought and harry potter

You said, this is nice.

I said, yes it is nice.

After ourcups run dry, and you said ‘let’s go home it’s almost midnight’,

I thought,

I could do this with you every night

and never get bored.

ps : and if I do get bored, we still have loads of summer movies to catch up !! 😉

ps2 : oh, and I love you.


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