God is Great

burning sky

burning sky

burning sky 2

burning sky 2

do your prayer five times a day

and yet, we sleep past six.

don’t need to brag if you help someone in need

and yet, we feel good if our good deeds are known

don’t do anything in a rush, for the devil are lying with an uncertain hearts

and yet, we running for strange, unfamiliar places for the sakes of its thrills

do not touch, nor see through her eyes, if she’s not yours to touch

and yet, we kiss and make love

and when we’re lost, we ask for a sign.

and when we can not see it, we think we’re forgotten.

and sometimes we become a really selfish, ignorant, self-centered human being.

oh, yes. even though we give our blood for donor,

building a non-profit foundation,

or feeding a hundred hungry mouth.

oh my friend, my loved one,

chant this over and over

in your sleep, in your steps, under the hot blazing sky, in drinks you sip,

God is Great.

God is Great.

God is Great.

0.29 am-bedroom.

photos taken on the rooftop on a mall parking lot, bandung.


5 thoughts on “God is Great

  1. chit, nanti kalo elu menikah, gue saranin ambil paket honeymoon ke mesir. sunsetnya bagus banget disana:
    Sunset in Cairo

    jalan-jalan di egyptian museum sambil liat mumi:
    Egyptian Museum

    berperahu di sungai nil sambil menikmati keindahan cairo tower diwaktu malam:
    Cairo Tower

    tidak lupa mengunjungi piramid dan sphinx sambil naik onta:
    Menunggangi si Jamal
    Berfoto disamping Sphinx

    semangat, chit!

    * ceritanya lagi ngomporin chita :)) *

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