Afternoon tea with pancakes

this afternoon, rain washed Bandung and I think it’s a nice afternoon for a hot tea and snack. After me and my mom picked up my sister, we hit the hippest and talked of the town little restaurant, called Nanny’s Pavillon. In Bandung, the little city with too much cafes and restos, finding a good place to eat it’s not really a hard job. You can have two new places everyweek. But the buzz about this new restaurant is kind of, well, buzzing hard.

It specialization are pancakes and waffles. I ordered banana pancake, peach pancake for my mom, and steamed mushroom rice for my sister. For our drinks : banana milkshake (my sister), hot cocoa (mom’s) and hot tea for me. The interior are nice, it is semi-outdoor, and I think the theme is ‘a nice garden party in your granny backyard’, the furniture are painted white, and the wall are in lime green and white stripes. It is very refreshing. My favourite are the white rattan lamp.

We wait eagerly for our food. the rice came first, and I kind of  surprised for the time taken for the pancakes to brought to our table. My sister almost finished her plate of rice when the pancakes arrives. Now, I tried pancakes, and well, I kind of hoping the pancake here is somewhat special. But to my dissapointment, I don’t find anything special in my pancake (well, I tried my mom’s too and she agree it’s not that special). Of course it’s good. But it really just a regular pancake that make me nausea after the seventh bite.  (I can’t handle too much sugar on food).

First, when the menu said banana pancake, I thought, the pancake have banana on it (blended, like banana cake), but it really just chops of banana on the batter, same things on my mom peach pancake. I think an additional fresh fruit (like peaches for peach pancake) on the side plate would be nice to freshen up our mouth after those sugary pancakes.

Second, the service is not really good. We had a hard time to called the waitress to take an order, then a hard time too for asking a maple syrup (cause they forgot to brought it the first thing). It’s completely understandable because the place is packed and maybe they short on staff, but it’s irritating nonetheless.. but I give point for their uniform, it’s cute.

Anyway, I want to try again though, but no pancakes next time for me. (I see people ordering Nanny’s Punch-their signature punch, I’ll try it next time). Oh, and maybe you want to make a reservation in the weekend (though I don’t know if they take a reservation), because you might sitting pretty in the -waiting list chair-, it is the hype for now, really.

And don’t eat pancakes with full stomach, it’s not meant to be a dessert.

Nanny's Menu Book

Nanny's Menu Book

The white breezy interior. luv it

The white breezy interior. luv it

Sasa, my lil sis w/ her dish.

Sasa, my lil sis w/ her dish.

Banana Pancake w/ chocolate ice cream

Banana Pancake w/ chocolate ice cream


2 thoughts on “Afternoon tea with pancakes

  1. Gw kemaren pas malem minggu kesana.. Weew it’s so packed, everyone was on the waiting list. Ok, ngga juga.. Tapi bokk, yg waiting list aja banyaknya hampir sama kaya yang lagi makan.. OMG deh pokoknya..
    Jadi sampe sekarang gw belum kesampean makan disono. Mungkin kalo untuk pancake mendingan pancake parlor yg di pvj kali? Itu puas bgt deh porsinya.. Hehe.. Tapi harganya juga bikin puas..a tiga hari. Hahahaha..

    • iyalah nggi, mending pancake parlor, soalnya di pancake parlor buahnya asli, jadi seger.. terus yang pake daging sumpe enak banget…
      tapi ya itu, setelahnya kita detox air putih aje tiga hari. hahahaha..

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