nice and easy does it..

to human is to err.

lately, I become this negative person, not enjoying things around me (which is irritating, because I tend to get happy easily). with my mom get out from the hospital and the household get back to normal, and my thesis presentation are moved from june to september, I have time to take a really deep breath, and set everything in its place.

I have this huge dream to work in another city (living single only with my bestfriend and my dog),thinking of this, things I wanna do after I graduate, makes me calm (but sometimes anxious), anyway this are the list of things that would make my day :

1. watching entourage season 3.

2. buy a new top (recently I just bought a hot pink button-shirt.nice )

3. a new phone (mine just broke it battery’s)

4. looking forward for Harry Potter and Transformer (come on summer movies!!)

5. visiting new places (it can be a new cafes in town, or maybe another city for my cousin wedding)

6. sport ( activity I abandon 2 months earlier)

7. write more in this blog (really calming…)

8. sleeping with lulu in my room

9. a blueberry cheesecake from CIZZ

10. write a story.

11. a new interior project (I hope I can manage the time schedule)

13. pampering time ( creambath and facial really does it or maybe a nice massage)

14. get together with my friends (which suppose to be tonite, but I missed it..)

15. read more books..

16. ice chocolate praline from cafe oh la la , and a piece of hot plain croissant to go along with.


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