come again?

last week movie is terminator (our blitz card poin reached 26). I’m not in the mood for movie, my mom is sick (the following day she rushed to ER, turns out it’s dengue fever, and she staying at hospital right now), and I’m anxious because my laptop is crashing (the damn virus, but it’s ok now).

anyway, banyoh said this movie will be awesome, he used Christian Bale name as an excuse to an awesome movie, so I go. I already watched the trailer weeks ago, and it’s not bad. Plus, Anton Yelchin, the guy I like that play Charlie Bartlett opposite Robert Downey Jr. from the movie Charlie Bartlett is on the show.

I watched terminator movies years ago. I kind of forget how the story goes (I remember the part that Arnold is the terminator and he is coming from the future to save a baby not yet born, err..right?). Anyway, I thinks there is not enough explanation in the movie why John Connor and Kyle Reese is on the same year (they are father and son, but the father is on his teen year and the son already a grown up man) maybe for the fans, it’s clear enough, but it gets me confused. If John Connor is coming from the future (I suppose he is, since he’s father is a teenager), how come he is so famous for the people in that year as the leader of the resistance, and he have a wife and soldiers, did they came from the future too?

At the climax, John Connor said if Kyle Reese died (that’s his father), the world will be at danger, all human race will be dead. It was a very strong word indicating the importance of this teenager. But I just don’t see why all human race will be dead (except the danger, of course, John Connor would not be born).

In the middle of the movie, I’m getting confused of this movie lead role. Is it John Connor or Marcus, the guy that the scientist turn into half machine. Marcus is the one that helping Kyle Reese staying alive.

At the end of the movie, there’s no indicating that John Connor, if it’s true he came from the future, will be back to the future.I left the cinema with crooked eyebrow. Banyoh, who tried explaining to me, get confused too (I think he forget the plot of terminator 1,2 and 3).

The effect was good, the machines were good and ‘destructive’, but I think we all need more than just a good CGI. I kind of dissapointed. I don’t know if  Transformer 2 will be as good as the first one, but seeing the trailer, I think it will, one thing for sure, thank God Terminator was not released in the same month with Transformer.

Terminator Salvation

Terminator Salvation Movie Poster Trailer


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