indonesian dishes # 1

Indonesia has tons of food, in Bandung alone I can find more than 50 kind of snacks and foods, that’s not included european/japanese/another asian kind of dish. This week, my mom and me visited one of the oldest restaurant in Bandung, Lumpia Semarang. The restaurant name is actually a kind of food, which it sell, the infamous lumpia semarang.

Restaurant Lumpia Semarang, Friday closed

Restaurant Lumpia Semarang, Closed Every Friday

this is the front look of the restaurant, if they don’t put the signage, it looks just like an ordinary house.

Fried Lumpia Semarang with it gooey sauce. yum

Fried Lumpia Semarang with it gooey sauce. yum

this is lumpia semarang, it is spring roll, filled with chicken meat and rebung. yum yum. I had two of this.

Nasi Uduk

Nasi Uduk

the restaurant have another kind of indonesian dishes too, this is Nasi Uduk,  rice cooked with santan (a juice from a coconut flesh), served with Gepuk (cow meat), when it cooked it was punched until it flat (gepuk is a javanese word for punch or hit). It have it’s own sambal (it’s the red spicy thing, Indonesia food usually ate with sambal, and I tell you we have hundred kind of sambal), Emping chips (it was made from melinjo nut, very high cholesterol, very delicious) and a cucumber to freshen up your mouth.

Tahu Campur

Tahu Campur

this is what my mom ordered, Tahu Campur (in english it would be scrambled tofu), the fried tofu comes with vegetables and a peanut/soy sauce and served with prawn chips (yes, Indonesia has a lot kind of chips too). Because this is a Middle Java restaurant, the Tahu Campur different from our family usually had, from East Java. It is more sweet and didn’t use Petis (a kind of stuff made from prawn that used as a ingredients in food)



this is sambal for tahu campur, it’s a green chili crushed, we called it rawit and more hot than the red chili.

we stepped out with a full stomach.

hope I can post another indonesian culinary.


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