shawl we love.

shawl is the best accesories ever. You can wear it anytime, with any outfit and any occasion. if your outfit is a bit dull, put a shawl and voila, tres chic! I have so much shawl, I can’t help it. My newest shall I bought it on the blog, the brand is cotton ink, and it’s not too expensive. My shawl called Krey (I assume because it was cut like a window blind). I chose Sap Green for the color, and immediately like it when it delivered to my door step.

I just think it would be helpful if it comes with the how-to wear guide, because the shape  kinda weird, it can be thrown in several ways. My sister, who also ordered the shawl in different series, got frustated on how to wear it right. she find it though on the 50th attempt, and it looks lovely (she had in shocking pink color).

last weekend I wore it with my sister’s patterned top and my grey mango bag Banyoh gave me last month. I love the bag, I stuffed everything on there. My ixus, notebook charger, agenda, makeup purse and sometimes munchies. But sometime it killed me to find my car keys in there. (all the things are jumbled)

cotton ink shawl and the grey slouchy bag from bf

cotton ink shawl and the grey slouchy bag from bf

anyway, this is my first post showing me and my outfit. I usually don’t like outfit I wear, but I inspired with my friend blog, bini, that I decided to dress up for this post. It’s not as chic as hers. It will never be as chic as her, she’s so great with fashion, while I still clinging on my levi’s for every occasion. haha.


2 thoughts on “shawl we love.

  1. Chitooo iyh kok sama sih kita shawlnyaaa.. Kekekek.. Gw juga punya yang warna itu bok, sap green! Tapi gw yg biasa, bukan yg krey. Abis itu gw pesen yg krey juga tapi warna limelight, dan yg fringe warna biru. Tapi yang dua ini belom sampe.. Total gw punya 4 ajeee.. Fiuuhh.. *keranjingan* hehehe..

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