Papa’s new boy

He’s one of my student and my dad offering him a part time job, helping him feeding and cleaning our 30 canary birds every afternoon. at the end of the week, my dad will give him cash and every day he got two meals. not too shabby.

He’s name is Yadi and he is a fast learner. My dad so proud of him, he’s bragging about how smart Yadi is every night, once he claimed that Yadi is smarter than our ex-driver (who also cleaning and feeding those birds, but he quit last month). Come from a poor family (he’s mother is past away and he’s dad is away to no one knows where) he lives with his grandmother and sold corns every afternoon. He quit selling corns after my dad offering this job.

He said he’s saving his money to buy a bike.

I’m glad he got this job cause he’s a responsible kid and what most important he knows what important, unlike some of his friends that spend money for a cdma phone and don’t have any money to pay for school books.

Anyway, my dad so happy for his new assistant, he takes him to our flower farm and gave him he’s jacket (too big for him now) and used converse shoes.


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