Katallog Opening

this week has been craa-aa-aa–aaazy.. I got my thesis preview this friday while I’m still strugling on chapter two (I suppose to get past chapter three to do this preview, and now it’s tuesday).

but it’s also a very weird week, Katallog launching a party, a grand opening party. Each of tenant (12 of us), have to make new product and an item for a goody bag, and I know it’s impossible for me to do! I almost failed my thesis and as much as I love Katallog, I really can risking my study.

so I decided not to have a part in this opening. I thought it was for the best. But the next day, I changed my mind, I thought, “hey, I can do this.”

But, lesson learned. not only I pissed off my friends (for not attending a meeting, or doing task), but my product doesn’t come to what I expected. It’s good, but it’s not great.

anyway, I did make an item for the goody bag. I’m not a master in photoshop (in fact I just installed it in my notebook two weeks ago), but I like my artwork here.

notes one

notes one

notes two

notes two

notes three

notes three

notes four

notes four

I enjoyed it so much making these freebies.

I recently buy magazines for my bf (he’s in advertising so I bought How, ComputerArts and Communication Art), as I flipped through Computer Arts, I found many interesting article and how-to article. I think I’m gonna subscribe this mags.


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