on a happy state.

my sister just got a full scholarships to study for her master degree in Netherlands! The foundation that gave her the scholarships is NESO (It is the most prestigious foundation, a goverment foundation, so she is double excite!).

When she called me to inform this news (there’s a lot of screaming),  I was so happy for her, more than I was ever happy for myself. This is the third scholarships she’s got. She’s already have another two (one from Manitoba Uni in Canada, another in Netherlands, but not a full one, and maybe another in Singapore), she’s already considering going to Canada (or Singapore if she got the scholarships), but I know she deserves more than this. She deserves the best.

So, thanks to NESO, she got a full scholarships in Netherlands, a country she’s been dreaming for.

I googled the university she’ll be attending,  University of Groningen. It is the one of the oldest university in Netherlands, built in 1614, where its alumni including the first Netherland astronaut, the first president of European bank and a noble prize winner. the city (Groningen) is a student city.  In 2006, Groningen was elected “de beste binnenstad” (the best city centre) of the Netherlands.

to be there, studying there and live there, was a dream come true. She have a friend who already studying there,  also, my facebook pal, Franka, already volunteer to show her around.

I was so happy for her, and.. to have a Eurotrip there, would be a dream come true for me too. hehehe…

the down side of course, I’ll miss her.


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