to spend or not to spend, that’s the question..

I recently just quit the steady job I had, cause I start to drop the ball I’m juggling. FYI, I’m on my last semester for my thesis, it’s very nerve-wracking. After a presentation for my professors, I cried and cried to my boyfriend, whailing, “I can’t do thiiiiiiissss…”

well, so I quit my job at Ralston, which is a shame, because I had so many great friends there, plus unlimited internet access and a notebook and this perfect gripped mouse (crazy, but maybe this mouse it’s the best mouse’s microsoft by the way).

I do not feel worry too much, because I thought I don’t like the job very much and I still had money that I saved these past year. I can do my thesis in peace, also I had these Notes project I’ve been working on with my friends. But then, it struck me, I HAVE TO make sacrifices..

Maybe I can not spend so much on BodyShop products. (ahem, my body butter, my pore perfection gel, my ginger shampoo, my seaweed face cleanser..) or spend too much on leisure ( movies at blitz plus caramel popcorn, new books, eating at zenbu or getting the best toast ever on ya kun kaya toast..) or make ups..( kose day cream, kose cleansing oil and kose vitamin c water..) or stuff I planned to buy (levi’s jeans, fossil wallet…) as my thought wander, the list getting longer and I felt the sweat on my forehead..

But I told myself, over and over, do not make money control you. Get a grip, woman! I can still buy those things, maybe not all, but that’s the risk for the choice I make. I can still work at Ralston, had a good time with my friend while I can do my thesis later at night and my notes project in the time between. well, I did tried. Ouch, it hurts when it failed. Not only I did not do great on my thesis, but I’m getting lazier at the office and the Notes project not going much further. At the end, I fall sick for almost two weeks. Darn.

I believe so sincere in my heart, that when you do something you love, you do it whatever the risk. well, I put my faith on action. I know I’m getting there and the bodyshops can wait.


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